A person who knows or remembers nothings finds himself severely injured in a terrifying situation. He appears to be in some sort of futuristic facility, the likes of which he’s never seen. Through listening to recordings on Audio Logs left from people an ominous reality rises. When one Audio Logs hints ‘escape pods’ out of all the confusion and chaos an objective becomes clear. Escape. Survival. It’s the only option left. An Instinctive Fear is a First Person Shooter with elements of puzzle, horror and the overall objective to escape. It is being made with FPS Creator.

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I have been working on improving core features for the game lately. One of the features I plan to implement is a map system, that works by recording areas you've discovered as an image. As you go to new places, part of the full image of a map is added to increase your understanding of your surroundings. So if you need to know where to go, the map is there to help. This still being developed, so there may be additional features added, such as highlighting the room you're in, adding helpful map info (labels, objectives) and potentially more.

As well as that included in this video is a demo of the new system to display damage, or rather a better one. What it does is displays a hurt image with set transparency, depending on how hurt you are. If you are lightly hurt, the image only shows a little. If you are heavily hurt, it shows more and is less opaque. This is a subtle detail but greatly improves the simple number underneath the health HUD. The script was made by another forum member, 'unbound', so credits to him.

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