The game is a third person action/adventure placing you at the center of an alien occupied territory with the oppressive regime in full swing. You will fight your way through missions with increasingly more complex objectives.Some of the Features

  • Third person camera with full 360 rotating view
  • Indoor and outdoor missions ranging from survival to assasination and sabotage
  • Public Terminals allowing you to tap into the alien infrastructure, hack and aid in accomplishing your goals

Available now in the iTunes App Store!
Click here to view in the App Store

Alien Rejects

*We are looking at possibly releasing for the PC/Mac as well.

Follow development progress: @Cyberaptica

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We're excited to say that we are now officially in the iTunes App Store! It's been a long journey but we're now live so please check the game out and give us feedback.

Alien Rejects

It's a great feeling to have a project of this size finally completed we're a tiny tiny team and this is a huge deal. Nights upon nights spent coding, troubleshooting, fixing bugs, adding features, editing and trimming, removing features.. Yes removing features so that they can be introduced at the right time, when the game story is ready for them.

Alien Rejects Alien Rejects

It's a difficult task if not the most to determine just what exactly it is you are trying to do and to have the discipline to keep it that way and keep from trying to do too much. We've also tried to make sure we don't overwhelm the players with too much detail so there is a lot going on behind the scenes that may not be evident on the surface, and instead helps make the AI and the gameplay more interesting and less repetitive.

Terminal Alien Rejects

The aliens, the more involved ones at least, do think on their own and set priorities and follow through, do their job.. But enough about that, it's an exciting time to have the game out and we're going to work on making it better and more engaging.

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