Retro dungeon crawler where you play as a prisoner casted into deepest dungeon for his crimes. It's up to you to get out and seek freedom.

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Progress report #1


I'm moving out to new place so there's not much to say about progress of the game, but there are few new things.
First one is the issue with game not working in fullscreen on some monitors. I've changed it to borderless fullscreen window. It makes no difference in appearance but since it's just stretching to fit the screen instead of changing resolution it should work better with most configurations. I'm not sure how it will behave on multi monitor display so if anyone could test it, please share your experience.
Other thing is that I've started to experiment with some animations and pseudo-montionblur while attacking. I't didn't look as good as I expected so it has to be scrapped for now, but it's still there so maybe after little tweaking it might look good enough to include it into final game.
I've also made a decision about slight change of graphical style. I want to add more colors and slightly increase size of some graphics because I think that current version might become boring and repetitive after some time and there are not much room for improvement and variety. This change will not ruin game's retro style but it will make it a better looking game.

Thank you all for being here! I'm going back to packing my stuff :)
Take care and catch ya later!

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Aldebar - The Dungeon Escape prealpha010

Aldebar - The Dungeon Escape prealpha010


First pre-alpha demo. It contains very small amount of content but just enough to take a look at game’s mechanics.

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Aldebar - The Dungeon Escape Windows game

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