You believed tower defense is only about building towers? That's not quite right – because AIRA VR is not like other tower defense games in virtual reality. Once the battle starts you find yourself in the midst of the fight! AIRA VR merges the strategic elements of the tower defense genre and the thrilling action of a first person shooter in an intelligent manner and combines the best of both worlds. Thereby, AIRA VR is the first game of its kind that is exclusively developed for VR and offers you an unprecedented gaming experience.


Centuries ago, a merciless conflict has raged on earth between humans and machines for supremacy on the planet. The consequences of the war for the ecosystem were disastrous and earth was left uninhabitable in the end. Almost all organic life forms were annihilated. Only a few humans succeeded to flee in the nick of time. However, from then on they were mercilessly hunted by the machines named Skilith.

Dive into the leading role of one of the last surviving humans and become the commander-in-chief on the spaceship of the Blue Science Union. Always by your side stands the artificial intelligence named AIRA. Embark on an interstellar journey across the galaxy and discover fascinating new worlds with yet unknown species.

Since the violent take-over of power on earth, the Skilith continued to spread across the universe. While doing so, they continued to conquer new civilizations to rob them of their resources. Now, it is your duty to defend remaining resources at any cost. Only this way our continued existence may be guaranteed.

Unexpectedly, AIRA discovers a new element on a so far unknown planet, creating a spark of hope on being able to still rescue the ecosystem on earth. Unfortunately, not every species is pleased about humans founding new colonies in their territory...


  • Wide arsenal of weapons: From the futuristic Cyber Bow right up to the high-tech Energy Gun, detailed weapon models and realistic motion sequences in VR ensure an immersive gaming experience.
  • Diverse towers: The varying weaponry of the defense towers in combination with additional special effects allows the adaptation of sophisticated strategies for every situation.
  • Challenging enemies: To counter combinations of special effects of individual enemies a solid strategy as well as gun mastery is required.
  • Multi-level upgrade system: Are you an ingenious strategist or a daredevil action hero? Improve your weapons as well as defense towers after each attack wave and set your own tactical priorities.
  • Full campaign: Survive overall 7 levels with multiple attack waves and unlock additional levels of difficulty. Experience an exciting background story first hand thanks to immersive cutscenes in VR.
  • Multiple game modes: Face the challenge and fight in survival mode against an endless attack wave of enemies. Two different versions will guarantee you a spontaneous and long-running gameplay.
  • Custom levels: Give full scope to your creativity and design your own levels with an easy to use editor tool. That way, continue to create new challenges for yourself and your friends.
  • High mobility: Optimized for roomscale VR through the usage of proved movement techniques to avoid motion sickness for an optimal gaming experience.


More than 24 months of hard work, thousands upon thousands lines of code as well as countless working hours spent on planning, development and design. What was once a student project will soon be more than a “simple computer game” created as part of a course. AIRA VR has been created with great passion and strong attention to detail by an independent team of computer science students and enthusiastic gamers. Take a look yourself and become part of the community!

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We're thrilled to announce AIRA VR is coming to the Oculus Store on June 4th, 2020. Wishlist the game now and get your headsets ready to defend the galaxy!

AIRA VR on Oculus Store:

What is new? Since our initial release on Steam, we continued developing and polishing our game. We have expanded the content and added more game modes, in addition to a new map there is also an Iron Man mode for the experts. With the upcoming release on the Oculus Store, we will also bring a big Update to Steam! We achieved big performance improvements as well as polished graphics. We have added many comfort features like snap rotation, possibility to skip sequences, smooth teleport and many more. We have updated the game technically and paved the way for numerous other options...

screenshot 11 HD

What is AIRA VR? Our game is combining the strategic elements of the tower defense genre and the thrilling action of a first person shooter in virtual reality. The game consists of two phases. The strategic phase starts in the command ship, where the player maps out a defensive strategy by building towers on the holographic tactic table. In the action phase the player will be teleported into the level itself to actively prevent the enemy spaceships from destroying our facility alongside his towers.

screenshot 16 HD

What makes AIRA VR unique? In contrast to most VR tower defense games which focus on either action or strategy, what we strived to achieve in AIRA VR is a feature deep implementation of both aspects without sacrificing any of them. The player can plan out a detailed defense with a huge collection of varied towers and also take part in the battle equiped with a large arsenal of weapons.

CLOSED BETA - Registration is open now!

To all VR enthusiasts: Your support is needed! ❤️

Take part in the pre-release Beta of AIRA VR on the Oculus platform. Limited slots available, an Oculus (Rift / Quest with Link) is a necessity. Your feedback would be very precious and helpful! The Beta is open from Thursday, May 28th to Sunday, May 31st, 2020
As a thank you, we will be giving away 3 release keys to three lucky beta testers!

Sign up for the beta now:

thank you for helping us!

screen 2560x1440 2020 03 18 11 5

AIRA VR | Oasis Update

AIRA VR | Oasis Update


The new "Oasis" map is now available and playable in a new freeplay mode. We have polished and reworked many things, from all towers to some weapons...

AIRA VR | Free Demo

AIRA VR | Free Demo


Free Demo is available for download! AIRA VR merges the strategic elements of the tower defense genre and the thrilling action of a first person shooter...

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