Aero Attack is a retro shooter arcade game for iOS and Android where you play as a pilot named Bob, tasked to defend the human race from various aerial minions. Fly Bob and his shooting plane through space, dodge the floating minions, alien bosses, satellites, and a couple of space cows. What makes it unique is the challenge of shooting the incoming minions, while keeping that nerve-wracking flappy style jump when avoiding them. Aero Attack is an addictive game of discipline and skill, looking to make people feel nostalgic and sentimental, remembering the retro games everyone loved spending time on and emotions they stirred in us. Aero Attack is quasiStudio's debut game. By the end of 2018, studio's co-founder Kresimir Tavas finalized the artwork designs, which his partner Renato Stanic swiftly turned into a 2D casual mobile game using the Unity game engine. Aero Attack was released for iPhone and iPad on February 25, 2019, and Android on February 20, 2019.

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It's a game of skill and discipline.

Fly the main character Bob through space in his shooting plane, dodge floating minions, space cows, alien bosses, and satellites.

The game aimed to make people feel nostalgic and sentimental, remembering the retro games everyone loved spending time on and the emotions they stirred in us.

At the beginning stage of the studio's first game, Aero Attack, more than a few have said it reminds them of Flappy Bird and the old Helicopter game, but it's nowhere near the same.

Inspiration was drawn from those games; however, what makes Aero Attack unique is its additional challenges of shooting the incoming minions while keeping that same addictive, nerve-wracking flappy style jump when avoiding them.

Months of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears have finally paid off, and the fruits of the labor are finally visible, and can somewhat be felt.


Most exciting features quasiStudio presents in their first game release are Themes and Boosts, as this is where you will feel the difference, and it's how they're trying to monetize their first indie game.

Just one click and players are able to completely change their gameplay feeling, switching the default graphics and animation with various premium game art.

aero attack game characters desi

Players are rewarded with coins in proportion to the score for each game they play, and every day, active players receive Daily Rewards for supporting Aero Attack.

Themes, Boosts, and other offer packs can be purchased from the shop for coins earned through playing or purchasing for real money.

Check out the trailer to see what it's about:

The Game Design Process article contains more about the character design, UI/UX and challenges faced while developing the game art, from the concept to the final stages.

One more, well-deserved mention. There are indeed no words to describe how grateful quasiStudio team is to the guys at Undabot for all the help and support with making the first game happen. ❤️


It’s time to fasten your seatbelt and immerse yourself in the battle!

Aero Attack is a free iOS and Android game, also responsive for tablets. To download the app on your device click the appropriate link below:

download at Apple's App Store - download at Google's Play Store

To parents

For all the worried mothers and fathers out there, the good news is that Aero Attack is a completely kid-friendly game! The only thing you might want to watch out for is the in-app purchases, so make sure to set up your Parental Controls.

About us

quasiStudio was founded by two tech nerds who love games so much, and they couldn't help themselves but turn it into a full-time career. The goal is to create memorable digital experiences and have fun along the way.

Primary areas of work are mobile games for iOS and Android, but the quasi-team also knows its way around UI/UX, web and mobile app development.



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