Version 1.0.1 now available! The three factions of the Aeon Nebula have broken out into war. The Alliance, Exiles and Cyborgs are each struggling to obtain dominance over the mineral rich nebula. Aeon Command is a tug of war strategy space warfare game. Play as one of 3 unique factions to help gain dominance over the Aeon Nebula! Features include! - 3 Unique Factions each with unique ships and abilities. - 24 Mission single player campaign. 8 missions for each faction. Play through the Alliance, Cyborgs and Exile campaigns to unlock upgrades and abilities. - Skirmish modes including Classic, Close Quarters and Resources and 3 difficulties. - Multiplayer! Go head to head with a friend or stranger with your favorite faction. - Persistent upgrade system. Unlock upgrades as you play the game to constantly improve your fleet. *Note for Debian users: There have been numerous issues reported with the Unity engine/player on Debian. We're tracking the issue.

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Kind of reminds me of Swords and Soldiers HD on Steam and that wasn't a bad game.


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DEMO: Download and works in Fedora 19 6bit Linux flawlessly. Fun game, smooth play, fair level of variety and decent graphics. I am normally not into this type of game but I would consider buying it because its well done and could be fun to sit down and play occasionally. The only part of the demo I didnt like was at least one mission is a timed mission. Its just my personal likes/dislikes but I hate timed anything. Thought I left that behind after college tests! =) Anyhow, good game. If you are into this sort of thing I would recommend it.

Game delivers on what it promises, and runs flawlessly (for me at least) under Ubuntu Linux. Really fun to play, not difficult at all with a nice progression of difficulty as you play.

Edit: I want to add that the game finishes pretty quickly, and that's the only reason this doesn't get a 10 from me. It needs more levels, etc for the campaign.


A great game, with many good features.
- Is simple to play, but hard to master.
- A clear and good upgrade system.
- A good amount of challenge.
- A good learning curve.
- Good Graphics.
- Multiplataform! Win, Linux and Mac. This is great!
- Multiplayer option
- Skirtmish option
- Good tutorial. Simple, but directly and very clear to teach you how to play.
- 3 Factions.


Fun, casual strategy game.

It's not a very complex strategy game (at least while playing vs pc) but it serves it's purpose which is to entertain. Game mechanics are based on producing constantly ship that automatically go straight to enemy base and have an output that out produces the enemy.
After finishing the campaign, there are a few incentives to come back, which is to unlock all upgrades (that if you don't have anyone to play in multiplayer).

Overall for what it offers, it's a decent game.


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I will begin by saying that the game itself is good. I like the concept - outsmart your opponent's build. However, it falls short and becomes very frustrating at times. Allow me to list a few things.

1. The mission where the enemy has the suicide-missiles spawning... they kept spawning with the timer stuck on 0:59
2. Consider implementing target priority and target update. It is seriously annoying to watch my super-duper 10 times upgraded spaceship turn around to track a miner while it is being blown to bits by other ships. It is also annoying that ships follow other ships (especially miners!) which are not firing at them into enemy territory while there are higher priority targets available (such as the ships destroying the chasing ship!)
3. Consider adding some fancy features like waypoints which you can have your ships follow for fancy flanking-manuvers and other things.
4. Make it possible to have all your ships halt by a certain line (nice if you can make arty ships halt further back). This will make the game less about steamrolling and more about actually assembling a proper force and move it forward at the right time. This will nerf steamrolling a bit as it will make it more possible to assemble a counter-attack force.
5. Perhaps add an engineer units with buildable, static structures? I mean, it would be cool if you could have resource generatores powered by power, stationary turrets for defending or siege artillery for taking out the mothership or the other turrets.
6. Add tooltips for _everything_. While the campaign may introduce me to all the new units, I will forget them if I come back after 1 month of not having played the game.
7. Consider adding commander-xp (gained by destroying enemy ships) which gives you commander points which then can be spent on (mutually) exclusive upgrades. For instance: giving a ship one ability or another - but not both.

Hope this is constructive criticism :)

This game is alot of fun for an evening or 2. Would be better if only people played online. I still haven't managed to find a game in 3 days.


Nice game!

The campaign is very short but each race have its own abilitys and its very different from the others.


really good game and lots of fun

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Kind of reminds me of Swords and Soldiers HD on Steam and that wasn't a bad game.

Aug 26 2012 by zonemaster60