Adventures of a Dragon tells a story about tolerance, acceptance, and personal growth.

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Numerous tweaks and fixes, some optimizations and new graphics

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  • Lowered volume of system sounds
  • Added sound chime after saving is done
  • Added sound chime after loading is done
  • Professor Twinkie's Robots now beep when talking to them


  • Wind Spirit basic attacks deal wind damage
  • Wind Lion basic attacks deal wind damage
  • Tsunami may now cause Strong Tides status effect
  • Book of Tsunami now only teaches Tsunami spell
  • Water Titan regenerates 2% HP each turn
  • Increased Chocolate soft cream fairy base attack to 45 (was 40)


  • Susan Cole could have both Detoriating and Evolution passive states active at the same time, this has been fixed
  • Casting a summon spell in Muerto Banditos battle made battle background change to wrong one, this has been fixed
  • Muerto Banditos cutscene had wrong flag that made the player always be male, this has been fixed
  • Wrong flag caused Mark to be equipable in Glyphs slot, this has been fixed
  • Wrong flag caused cutscene with Muerto Banditos always treat you as male, this has been fixed
  • Wrong flag when returning from Taboo village caused you always be treated as male, this has been fixed
  • Wrong flag at throne room cutscene caused you always be treated as male, this has been fixed


  • Reduced size of several graphics, also helps load times and FPS


  • Added Ice Dungeon with Frost Titan in it. Frost Titan is a really hard boss and it's recommended that you're at the minimum of 20 lvls with high tier gear before you attempt to defeat her.
  • New Orb "Orb of Warmth" that prevents Frozen state


  • Tutorial called you male regardless of your gender at start, this has been fixed


  • Professor Twinkie's robots now have bust graphics
  • Jill has a new battle graphic


  • Added the Pantheons book to Sanefang's home
  • Added the Pantheons book to Jessica's castle
  • Added the Pantheons book to Becky's Mansion
  • Added the Pantheons book to Zadaine's cabin
  • New lore book, Rise of Humanity added in Sanefang's home, Jessica's castle and Becky's mansion
  • Added book store to Capitol that sells books
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