A video game for the little ones in the house ABC Dinos is an educational game for children. With spectacular outcomes, the game makes it possible to learn letters and improve reading and writing, regardless of each child’s learning level. It's a real educational adventure! It will surprise you!

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ABC Dinos is an educational game for children. With spectacular results, the game makes it possible to learn letters and improve reading and writing, regardless of each child’s learning level.

The screen interface is attractive and simple allowing children to play alone without needing an adult.

ABCDinos interface

All this learning is wrapped in a magical story full of emotions, action and fun surrounded by funny characters such as Finn’s family, our Dino, and the “crazy” ogres and their dragons. Help Finn free his family by collecting the magic letters that make ogres transform into funny animals !


We have incorporated English voices to repeat the literacy activity words and sentences. By doing so, besides managing to make our activities accessible to all ages, we also can incorporate auditory recognition activities, which are so valuable at this stage in their learning (Preschool and 1st grade).


★ Learn to read

★ Visual and auditory memorization

★ Discrimination of vowels and consonants

★ Discrimination of the letters of the alphabet

★ Improvement of understanding

★ Learn to draw the outline of all the letters of the alphabet (vowels and consonants).

★ Expand vocabulary with: animals, professions, objects, clothing, nature, etc.



In this educational game the kids have to draw the shape of each letter. As a prize they will receive an image that begins with that letter. They can choose the preferred mode of writing: joined up or printed handwriting. At the same kids will also have the possibility to trace each letter of the alphabet in uppercase or lowercase.

ABC Dinos writting


This activity consists of the formation of level-appropriate words by dragging each letter to its corresponding place. And since we know that this quite difficult, we will help the little ones by changing the shape of each letter as if it were a puzzle piece that fits in. In this way all children, regardless of their age, can progress with word formations and then go on to expand their vocabulary and begin to learn to read.

ABC Dinos order letters


This is, without doubt, one of the most fun learning games in our APP. The child has to find the matching letter of the two cards as quickly as possible. This game aims to strengthen visual recognition of vowels and consonants.

ABC Dinos find letters


In this activity the kids will hear a word and see its picture. They have to guess the letter that the word begins with. The auditory recognition of each letter of the alphabet and the expansion of their vocabulary are the two main objectives of this educational game.

ABC Dinos sounds


At the beginning of the game it will ask about the child’s level so you don’t need to worry if your son or daughter doesn’t yet know how to read or write. It adapts to their learning level and you can choose which letters you want to work with and repeat at any point.


ABC Dinos is free, so what are you waiting for? Download it now.

There is an in-app purchase which allows you to unlock the entire game. You can choose any letter of the alphabet and complete the whole adventure.

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