Build your own Medieval world in A Kingdom for Keflings, a city-building game from NinjaBee.

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This game is fun, but there is little replayability and I don't believe it's possible to lose. I'm happy to have gotten it from the Indie Royale pack, but the $20 they're asking for it on here is ridiculous. Game is worth $2-3 at best since you only get a few hours of fun (great fun while you're playing) and there's no reason to go back to it. I'd give it an 8 for fun, but 6 overall since it's a short one and done game.


Its got a great style and I was hooked, its major issue being its endgame in that it dosnt really have an ending, it would be nice if they expanded on its addictive gameplay and added more challenges.

I rated it because it's a good game. It's none of those games if you like sim city or the sims, you'll like this game.

But other than that, I have to be in the right mood to play it.


Cute, fun, completely without challenge.


Excellent, cute and addictive! I love it!


irogue says

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The presentation in this game is good, as are the characters but in all the game lacks replay value.

Would like to have seen more value on offer considering the price at $20, i cant see this price being justified just because it was an xbox game doesnt mean us PC owners need to pay console markup prices, there is alot of competition out there in this genre and the limited replay of this game and price really let it down.


har_g says

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Very very cute game, but miss some action maybe...

I feel like a ant worker now..


zaxxaz says

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It was ok but there is no real chalenge to the game and I dislike the shortness of the demo. It could have turned out better.


Very good!

Note: There is two free dlc on the

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