A Galaxy away is an open world space survival, exploration and rts game.

The player must cross hostile solar systems while commanding a large mothership. The mother ship functions as a unit factory allowing the player to spawn drone or ai controlled units for resource collection and combat.

The game is currently in Alpha and will have a playable demo for testers soon.

Features -

Random generation - every play through will be unique. A different system and varied gameplay elements such as unlocks, powerups and unique situations. This ensures that no play through is the same

Survival - In a hostile system you must combat or flee dangerous enemy ships. Manage resources between fuel and combat else end up a scrap pile adrift in space.

Perma death - Fail to succeed and you will restart in a new unique system.

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I wanted to begin by talking about the visual updates.

I removed the previous images and updated the page to reflect the current state of development. The previous images contained placeholder art and my main focus was creating a stable gameplay base before diving into visuals.

That said...development on the art side has begun!

At this point updates to the page will be made regularly as we begin to share the direction and goals of the project.

I felt it important to show progress throughout this process and please keep in mind everything is considered wip and is unfinished or in some cases is simply a placeholder still requiring and update.



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