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Maya Smallwoods is an undercover crime investigator recently reassigned from S.C.O.N.E.S. (Secret Covert Operations 'n' Exceptional Skills) to aid the local police force with their growing crime problem.

Ride and repair cars, stay hydrated, eat healthy, gather evidence, and apprehend criminals, all in this very Interstate '76-inspired game! :3

in the car


789 is a game that draws a lot of its inspiration from games like (as mentioned above) Interstate '76 and GTA:SA, as well as a few Tarantino-movies, most prominently Kill Bill, From Dusk Till Dawn, Jackie Brown, and Pulp Fiction. It has an aspect ratio close to CinemaScope, or 21:9, to stay true to the celluloid feel.

789 is within the same universe as Catmouth Island, featuring the police lady (Maya Smallwoods) in her time before she got reassigned there. The title is a reference to the three decades (70's, 80's, and 90's) it draws inspiration from.

Development is currently being done by Quakeulf (Øyvind Sørøy), with additional external audio support by Christian Antkow (thank you so much for your help). The game was started in 2014, as a potential sequel to Catmouth Island, then it gradually shifted into a more standalone game. Due to work and other obligations that eat into the development time, it has gone very slow.

The architecture is inspired a lot by Californian styles like Googie and Dingbat, and has been brung forth with a bit of help from Alan Hess and Chris Nichols (thank you so much for your help).

This is still early WIP in progress, but more details will emerge as the game evolves, so please be patient! ;w;

The game will be released for free in WebGL and gradually updated whenever possible.

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A new version of the game is now finally online! The main purpose is to test performance, as I need to know if the game runs well. I have also included a simple dialogue system and some basic functionality to the car, as well as a day/night-cycle.


There is very little in the map currently, but I have to start somewhere. Above screenshot is from a test I did with particle system-based GPU-instancing, which worked fine on PC/Standalone, but was terrible for WebGL. My next approach is to do direct GPU-instancing without the overhead of the particle system.


Since (mostly) everything will be generated at runtime, the game world can have a lot of variations. Pictured above is procedural placement of transmission towers.


Here is a mock-up of the interaction system. The speech bubbles are in, but no dialogue has been made so far so in the techdemo only the main character cabn say some random musings upon the click of a button.

If you are interested in trying it out, please visit the link below, and also please let me know how the performance is! :3

Randomly generated NPCs

Randomly generated NPCs

News 2 comments

A little about how NPCs work, and video of a car driving through them. :3c

Early day/night cycle demonstration :3

Early day/night cycle demonstration :3

News 2 comments

Two videos of driving with a quick day/night cycle and at night.

Quakeulf Creator

Thank you all for checking out this game, but it is far from finished. ;w;

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