The year is 272 BC and the republic is young.. to the north are the barbarians to the east the greeks to the south carthage romes worst enemy.. in this era rome is beset by enemys it's main one carthage under the rule of hanibal barca is about to make a trip accross the alps and into itally the heart of the republic itself but rome relies on nothing but a millitia at this period in history calling on it's own citisens to defend the republic but this is no ordenary millitia it is a well disiplend force capable of defeating anyfoe that comes near them the tribune scippio is in charge of the roman millitia and he is determaned to crush the carthaginians when they reach itallian soil but this was not meant to be he was defeated by hannibals numidian calvary at cannae but then he pledged to him self saying "carthage must be destroyed" and that he did at the battle of zama which he would use hannibals tactics against him and rome would be safe untill the next punic war...

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272:BC is recruiting


are you a scripter? ai programer? coder? programmer?..are you a scripter? ai programer? 3d artist? concept artist? skinner? or are you a programmer? then join the 272 bc team. before you ask sorry your not getting paid ): i got no means on how to do that the game takes place during the early republic to the rise of the empire


I like it. what do you use to model?

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What do you want to hear?
Your models are bad and you don't really show anything else.
When making models, always keep in mind how much detail you need. Your siege tower for example is really REALLY low detail but a single one of it's tiny wheels has more polygons then the whole tower. That's just bad.
Show us more content or better models, but what you have right now just feels like it's a bit too early for a presentation.

Anyway, good luck with your project.

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