Initially a fork of 0AD, the realtime strategy game targetting city phases and fun play, it combines RPG and co-op features with RTS. It simulates world history starting at 200 000 B.C.E. and features realism like flow of time, lively atmosphere, civilization merging and foundation, day night cycles, seasons and an elaborated tech, commander system as well as a hybrid AI for RTS-RPG style game play (coop, p2AI, AI2AI, p2p). Travelling time may give rise to questions about the circles the world seems to be caught in, e.g. conflicts, misunderstandings and group, personal interests to the disadvantage of the beauty of the world and nature.

RSS Development report: Day & Night

Day night cycles added to engine, simulation complementing world time. Enjoy sunrise and sunset. :-)

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A nice island for enjoying day night transitions.

Shown in 0BCE pyrogenesis but compatible with 0AD.

Endless possibilities

May this show the vast possibilities of an engine that is low in maintenance and great in usability. How epic would it be to combine its strong design with RPG power of other engines? Or with tools with renown like blender.

Imagine having the distributed HybridAI help you as a companion officer and friend to lead your Napoleonic armies to victory or to bring peace in talks with power hungry kings and queens by means of unprecedented diplomatic skill.

It is your choice - in 0 BC the Time Machine. And you can now enjoy it while admiring both varying sun and moon light in one map.

If you like it, then please help us survive with coffee. :-)

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Fauna, Flora variations
Enjoying time with ponies and busy bees
Compositing mounted knights


what are you planning?

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