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Jan 14 2018 Anchor

I've tried several times to upload a youtube video to my mod and each time I get the same error message about it being 'timed out'.

Issue on my end or server issue, or something else?

Anybody know how to fix?

Feb 9 2018 Anchor

Thanks for your report, this issue was already fixed some time ago. Sorry that nobody left a message that it was. If anyone spots any issues or bugs, or if any of you suspect that something does not work as intended, you can report it here in this subforum, any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Feb 10 2018 Anchor

I can never seem to upload a YouTube video, says the same 'timed out', I know a direct url is needed but still does not seem to work.

Feb 10 2018 Anchor

Damn, yes, it seems broken. Other videos pop up filedata errors.

Feb 11 2018 Anchor

yup same here, broken

INtense! End Boss
Feb 12 2018 Anchor

It depends on the video, unfortunately most work but some just don't. If you give me the youtube video link of the one you are struggling with I can take a look.


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

Feb 14 2018 Anchor

Yeah ive had this issue for many months! Recently tried again hoping I could upload but it still fails with a time out. The odd one did work though out of the 5-6 or so I tried.

Here is one that didn't work:

Here is one that DID work:

Feb 15 2018 Anchor

Hi Scott, I did paste the link in my previous post, I see it named it so not so obvious.

Feb 16 2018 Anchor

I've been using IndieDB for years now and I never had this issue before, i could any link and it would work, i could also paste it in various ways (long link, short link, etc.) and it would grab no problem. I started encountering an issue id say 6 months or so ago and never really bothered with it until a few weeks ago when trying to upload multiple videos.

So in all technicality, it should still function the same as it always did, the real question is what happened in that time that made the youtube link grab break so badly?

Here's my video that won't upload (any videos from this channel won't upload, i've had it for a while):

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INtense! End Boss
Feb 18 2018 Anchor

Alright youtube uploads should be totally fixed now with a bit of luck


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

Feb 19 2018 Anchor
INtense! wrote:

Alright youtube uploads should be totally fixed now with a bit of luck

Thank you! it seems to have worked :D

Mar 2 2018 Anchor

Awesome, tnx man it worked perfectly last night. Be blessed today.

Apr 6 2018 Anchor

Same problem here. After creating a new project wanted to upload video from youtube. Failed with http error. Youtube link contains https.

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