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Nov 27 2015 Anchor

From what ive heard, its going to be an excellent game, But what i also heard is that they had to change some things due to censorship issues, what do you guys think, is it a good game to waste 60 Dollars on?

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Mar 9 2016 Anchor

It's an awesome game. I've put more than 150hours in it, and haven't 100

Mar 15 2016 Anchor

It's a huge game with maybe hundreds of hours of content. Lots of huge areas to explore, characters to level up etc. You can also get mechs and (eventually) flying mechs. It's probably the best game on the Wii U right now if you're into RPGs.

Mar 15 2016 Anchor

Exactly. And it's a very beautiful game.

Apr 21 2016 Anchor

I love their Xenoblade Games from the classic ones. Unfortunately the series and their latest game is now only for Wii while I'm on PlayStation. :(

May 28 2016 Anchor

It's good. Not as good as the first one, but it's definitely good.

Aug 17 2016 Anchor

I'll wait to sale to buy&buy

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