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Sep 21 2012 Anchor

Hello all,

I am posting up this Topic as I am looking for a Group or Company with previous experience in designing Strategy Games. I have an idea for a Video Game (from what I have been writing up, this is far too large for a Mod), and if possible I would like to make it become a reality. I do not expect to be payed for it (unless, the game does sell) and I am still in the process of hammering it out, thus the need for previous experience. If some of my planned ideas are too far-fetched I hope they would become "Normalized", and "attuned" to what is and is not doable.

If you are interested please leave a comment here, send me a PM, or e-mail me (e-mail may be provided via PM).

I do not wish to give off too much about the idea itself, but I can say that it's about taking a different angle at the Zombie Apocalypse.



Sep 22 2012 Anchor

Um, I'm not sure how to say this kindly, but... unless your idea is the best freaking idea in the world, your chances of finding a team are very, very slim. Plus your idea, just from your little sneak peak, doesn't sound that original.

If you even want people to email you, you should atleast tell us your idea first.

Since your just an idea guy, maybe you should just ask for novices, don't expect an experienced game developing team to come and use your idea.

Sorry to put you down.

Sep 22 2012 Anchor

Not at all. This ain't putting me down, it's some constructive commenting! I was worried about sharing the idea... actually, I don't know why I did not want to say more about it. Perhaps too much paranoia <.<

The idea is as follows:

Game Title: Quarantine (concept title)

Genre: Strategy (could be either an RTS or Turn-based game).

Short description: The game revolves around the player taking charge of local "Law and Order" forces at the start of a virus outbreak. Being in charge of this crisis situation the player will at have first control of only locally available forces (Municipal Police Force, Medical, Firefighting), but as the crisis expands, if the player is unable to take control of it, or if the virus simply progresses that quickly, there will be two more Tiers, giving access to more radical methods of control and keeping peace, as well as order, within an area or city.

What are essentially the player's tasks? The organization of a sealed and controlled quarantine around an area, ensuring nobody unwated goes in, or tries to leave. To this end, aside from the Police/Military/Medical and Firefighting forces at the player's disposal there will be other "Managment" decisions that will have to be taken into consideration. For example, the bringing of supplies into the city, so that a prolonged and peaceful quarantine may be maintained. The steady re-conquering of the city from the infected, as well as beating back of any bandit groups that might have formed, in order to oppose you.

Each squad and unit within the game is a living being, and they will react to the changing situation around them, accordingly. A squad of soldiers who are left deep in the infected zone might decide they were abandoned and instead become a survivor or bandit group. By enforcing too strict Quarantine policing the survivors and citizens within the area might take up arms to fight you, and despite your attempts at keeping a close eye on everything you might had created a back-fire.

That is all I can tell for now, though I could provide some more details, if such are necessary.



Sep 25 2012 Anchor

just a suggestion is I would work more on how the virus works as a gameplay element. What variables does it evolve? How often does it evolve?

Also, how does the player get more units to work on the quarantine?

Define the enemy better - is the enemy the virus, or the quarantined area? I would say the only way the quarantine thing makes any sense is if ultimately you cannot kill the virus no matter what you do and winning is simply doing better then last time. You need very clear win and lose conditions. If killing the virus is ultimately the goal, then the player doing things like quarantining the area doesn't make sense. The gameplay would rather revolve around things like research, acquiring scientists, funding the research, etc.

Once you work these things out if you haven't already, I would try to play the game on a sheet of paper. Giving yourself starting conditions such as quarantine area, number of quarantine enforcers, and current conditions of the virus, come up with ways to progress through the game, use dice for any random variables such as what happens when the virus evolves.

Unfortunately what you have sounds like a story - in strategy games, gameplay is king, as that is how you reward the player for making those good strategic decisions.

Keep working on it and a team may form around the idea, but unfortunately you may have to give up a lot of creative say if all you bring to the table is an idea - this is the harsh world of being a writer of any kind, let alone a game developer where the collaborative nature that makes it possible also makes it impossible to fully control the outcome.

Sep 27 2012 Anchor

Oh, I am aware Spiffy. I am still writing the idea out, but I feel that once I have the "Idea" fully written out I will try to turn it into a "Board Game". Not in the sense of "It will not be a Video Game", but if I manage to turn it into a turn-based Board Game then it might be easier to turn it into an actual Video Game later, and I might notice by then which ideas are simply too complicated to design, or simply needlessly complex for the gameplay.

I already see that the assumptions I put forward or myself to write out would be simply too complex, in some areas. Once I smoothen the corners and polish everything will I be more aware of what is and is not feasible.

Until then, there is still a lot of typing to be done. Thanks for the handy tips!

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