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melsh Painstakingly human
Feb 10 2018 Anchor


Do you have an idea itching your brain to get finished?

A decent budget to actually see the project through to completion?

The stamina to finish what you start?

The maturity to show off that decent story to someone who can make it better?

Are you someone who doesn't pit all parts of production against themselves?

As a practitioner of Narrative Design, (expanding Lore, dialogue, scenario, anything related to story-telling), I've completed work on many a project. Along with my skill, a willingness to work with you to stay on schedule and make the best use of time joins me. Take a gander at some of the projects that have benefited from my membership. Snips of my work are available via email. Feel free to reach out with any relevant questions. I look forward to taking your project out of the arena of 'good', and into awesomeness!

For those who want to contact me via email - nurcid [at] gmail [dot] com, although PMs and posts are just fine. Thank you for your time.

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