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Apr 14 2013 Anchor

to get obvious shit out of the way:
I have Windows 7. I have Steam. I fucking love Vampire the masquerade: Bloodlines. this game is on Steam. that shit is like chocolate and boobs and peanut butter and fire all rolled into one for me.

when it comes to computers, other than knowing not to trust macs, I am a moron.

The situation is this. I played the game, discovered this website, found mods for the aformentioned vampire game. I put one mod on, but decide against continued play with such a mod and uninstalled it. reinstalled, put new mod in, and shit from the original mod has bled over into this version of the mod.

For reference, I started with the "final nights" mod, didn't like it, uninstalled, switched to the "Camarilla edition" mod, and I'm getting content bleed over and mechanical fuck-ups from original mod.

for example,
while the names and powers and original clans exist in this mod, I'm getting the skins of the first one (i.e. gangrel look like assamites, Malkavians Salubri)
I haven't been able to buy armor at any points where armor should be sold.

minor things relatively, but I'd like to play the game as it was originally modded.

I commented, someone said that Windows 7 is fucking up the works.

I humbly request solutions to my minor technical dilemma to the fine folks who frequent this site.

thank you in advance for helping me out.

Now that I figured out some things, disregard this stupid shit.

Reborn:X Waiting...
May 9 2013 Anchor

Vampires The Masquerade: Bloodlines should use an seperated file folder for storing mods and they should be executing via the "SourceMods" folder. I mean, the show up and seperate icons on Steam after installing and restarting it.

The "content bleeding" is probably because you overlapped the game by inserting the mods inside it rather then doing it via the "SourceMods" method. Nowadays most mods use the standalone executing and file storing method. Pasting modified content on the game directory itself is rare now.

You should try reinstalling the game for a starter or checking the game's cache intergrity.


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