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Mar 12 2018 Anchor

I recently started work on a mod and created a page for it yesterday. I went on it today to add some information and pictures but it was archived, with the message that its development has seized. A simple look at the main page of the mod will have let you know that it is a brand new mod that was clearly still under development. Can someone please explain what happened and why it was archived?


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Mar 12 2018 Anchor

Hello, please add relevant media such as in-game screenshots, not random pictures. Mod profiles can be even removed if you add random images and nothing of your own, especially considering you deleted the more relevant preview images and they cannot be viewed anymore.

Mar 12 2018 Anchor

I was going to do that once I had enough visual content to show. The mod page was literally only up for less than a day. Most of the work that has been done is purely code-wise (setting up names and locations of different objects) and that information was provided in the mod description. Is there a way to de-archive the mod, or do I need to create a new mod page?

Mar 12 2018 Anchor

Yes, if you add relevant screenshots and/or videos showing the real progress on the mod, you just need to drop a message here (only if you haven't replied after this post, adding a message to an edited post may go unnoticed) or better, send a private message to me.

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