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Jan 4 2021 Anchor

I AM SO BEEEEEEEEYOOOOOOOOND upset with a bunch of freaking teenagers right now (I KNOW I KNOW that is embarrassing but these kind of decisions effect positively or negatively the future of our program. Gus is for sure going to be here next season. I want some freaking blue chip recruits baby lol )!!!!!!! lmao like COME ON MAAAAAAAN WHAT YOU DOING being so knee jerk that you let a bad game effect where you go?!?!? RELATIONSHIPS MAN!!! Why does that not weigh heavily when it comes to us? Recruits are so game to game when it comes to us!! hahahah ughhhhhhhh.

Jan 4 2021 Anchor

i am so confused right now

what even happended?

what are you even saying?

Jan 11 2021 Anchor

hello, I have found my solution elsewhere thank you for your response.

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