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Sep 27 2020 Anchor

Hello, i am currently working on some background sprites for my game, however im worried the harsh black outlines of some background objects may clash with the black outlines on my character sprites, as shown in the bottom pic, and cause my character sprites to get lost in the image, or should i use a lighter outline for background sprites like in the top pic? (Also please ignore how ugly the character sprite is he is just a test placeholder :)

Test 1

Sep 27 2020 Anchor

I'm more for darker lines. Then again I'm a sucker for cell shaded lines so anything near that type of style like the bottom.

Sep 27 2020 Anchor

mr-gungrave thank you for your feedback, i think i will stick to the darker lines then :)

Oct 24 2020 Anchor

Both look fine, but it also depends on the mood and setting. Personally the darker tone shadows look more appealing in this scene. From the chair to the table and wooden floors. I think the picture up top is best.

Oct 27 2020 Anchor

-At this graphic level, it appears as totally unimportant thing.
I`m talking as a gamer.

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