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dirtbag007 Spaceships Addict
Nov 19 2009 Anchor

Hey all,

I'm having a bit of a dilemma. I'm about to start developing my 2nd game (the first game was made with the help of a book), but I don't exactly know what the community would like to see.

I'm basically proposing 2 options:
1. Make the game as described in the concept here (more combat oriented)
2. Make the game basically alot like Freelancer, but with elements of my own added into it. (has also alot of roleplaying elements)

Both games would be free to play and would be 2d. The only downside of option 2 is that it would take longer to develop.

So please vote at the poll.

Thank you!

You only have to read chapter 2 of the asteroid raiders concept to have a clear idea of what the game is about.

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