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Dec 9 2012 Anchor

Hey guys, I was just wondering what the game Fez was mainly or entirely coded in? Since the game seems to run efficiently I thought I would pick up the language they used to develop this game.

Dec 9 2012 Anchor


Dec 9 2012 Anchor

Is that a viable combination for indie game development?

Dec 10 2012 Anchor

Definitely. I love using C# for games programming. I highly recommend it.

XNA is windows only though. You can use Monogame if you wish to target more platforms. That said you can write your game in XNA with MS's nice development tools then port to Monogame later once you finish. Monogame is a almost 1:1 port of XNA.

for instance the game Bastion did this to port from XNA to Google native code.

Dec 10 2012 Anchor

Ok thanks, I guess I'll go learn c# and xna. For commercial use and making money on windows do I need to buy some sort of xna or c# license?

Dec 11 2012 Anchor

You can develop games with XNA in C# for free. This page may help you get started with the latest version of XNA. It looks like the Windows Phone SDK includes the files you need for both XNA development and Visual Studio 2010 Express.
Releasing games made with XNA for the PC is completely free. If you want to release your XNA game for the Xbox, that costs some money and a lot of extra work.

I haven't tried MonoGame, but here's a link to the page for reference/comparison.

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May 4 2013 Anchor

For what it's worth, the PC version of Fez came out a few days ago. It uses MonoGame and is in the showcase on the MonoGame site.

May 4 2013 Anchor

Monogame is amazing

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