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What the *** is wrong with the engines updates? (Forums : Support : What the *** is wrong with the engines updates?) Locked
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Feb 27 2014 Anchor


What is wrong with the engine updates? I keep getting like 100+, 200+, and now 267 updates on engines with new games added - that is definetely not normal. What's going on there?

I mean it's so many updates that after I cleared them it was messed up because so many new ones automatically came after. That is the first time I see anything like it. What's up there?

TKAzA Community Manager
Feb 27 2014 Anchor

feillyne our in house madman, added 600+ games to the listings. This would be why :)

Feb 27 2014 Anchor

lol alright. I was confused, thought it might have been some spam or something.

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