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May 28 2013 Anchor

Hello guys,

Let me start by saying I have ADHD. I have trouble staying dedicated to one thing and I jump around a lot. I have learned the basics of programming through out the years, I now want to concentrate on one language though. I learned a little tiny bit on Java today, and it is quite boring.

Is there any programming language that is really easy to hop into? Python seems to not be popular. I don't know about flash as well, it is a decaying language from my understanding. I don't know, maybe C#? The only problem with that is that I am quite mad about microsoft for the whole Xbox One thing. I do like C# though, I just need to get over that.

Now here is my background. I am 15 years old and bad at math. I have some design experience ( fingerpod dot minus dot com ) although for some reason I have a really hard time designing people.

What do you guys recommend? I want to learn something that will help me succeed in the indie world.

May 28 2013 Anchor

You really need to experiment with different things yourself if you truly want to create something it will flow out naturally. (Especially if you are working at your own pace).

Pick up something anything if your a more visual person why not a 3d game engine if you like programming try flash or java libraries or go for C if thats what you want.

All these things are just outlets and the best thing to do is pick something up and get your hands dirty.

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May 29 2013 Anchor

Thanks, I sort of like flash but I feel as if once I get to a certain level it will start to limit what I can do. I do like c# as I find it fun to program in, but I just need to get over this whole xbox one thing before I use any of there services again.

I also want to develop playstation 4 indie games, what language will that use

May 30 2013 Anchor

C# while being spearheaded by Microsoft is not actually owned by Microsoft it's an implementation of a standard that no one owns which MS contributed to. The open source community owns C# more than MS these days. Hell C# is one of the 2 languages you can uses to make games for the Sony PSP-Vita.

Considering you have a bad attention span though (I can relate) I would say start with actionscript and Flixel, At your level it doesnt matter what language you dedicate to. You are going to make a crapload of mistakes and most of them are language agnostic.

Using something like AS/Flixel where you can get something on the screen in under an hour will keep you interested. To do that in C without and previous experience can take weeks.

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May 30 2013 Anchor

If you ask me, you should jump into Python, not only is it easy but it is really fast to learn. The only downfall is the lack of engines, I know, however there is one particular project in development that is practically game maker, but with python scripts. It's called Stellar (Link:) . Python, in my opinion, is the best language out there for programming and (even though I am in the minority here) I recommend it all the way! Another good thing to use is PyGame, which you can easily google, It's a great module/engine for game development for python.

Btw, I'm also 15, and started learning Python about 1 year ago and refer to myself as pretty good with it. Good Luck making games!

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