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Dec 27 2017 Anchor

Is there a certain game/franchise that convinced you being a developer is the path for you?

Dec 28 2017 Anchor

It's tough to say cause I chose the path of developer after I discovered my talent from making mods/maps/levels for multiple games instead of from playing certain game

Anyways, the games I made levels for was Jazz Jack Rabbit 2, for maps, it was Heretic 2 and for mods it was Beats of Rage

Dec 29 2017 Anchor

Mine was the Metal Gear Solid series. I was amazed on how Kojima bridged memorable cinematics and fantastic gameplay together to create such masterpieces that inspired me to create games similar to his vision

Jan 1 2018 Anchor

I guess I am very much inspired and inspirated by the The Elder Scrolls Oblivion/Skyrim, Warrior Kings Battles (and olf but gold, forgotten game) and the Gothic series.

Jan 2 2018 Anchor

Doom,Duke Nukem 3D,and those games like it which had level editing capabilities. Ordinary morals now had the tools to create there own content, something almost unheard of previously. This is what got me really interested in making games!

Jan 3 2018 Anchor
solid_snake17 wrote:

Mine was the Metal Gear Solid series. I was amazed on how Kojima bridged memorable cinematics and fantastic gameplay together to create such masterpieces that inspired me to create games similar to his vision

You've got a very appropriate username then!

Jan 17 2018 Anchor

I like the League of Legends game. Almost all free time I spend on it. Recently I came across Cheap unranked lol accounts I want to buy one account, what do you think?

Jan 21 2018 Anchor

Defense Grid- the AWAKENING. PLAY ITTTT!

its the best 3d tower defense game (besides the second one)

also high up on on the list is Space Run and Space Run Galaxy

I have a friend that did an entire TD game for android on his own (3d using unity) so I want to follow suit. If you look up Brackeys on youtube it shows all the instructions to create one. He started with that, then learned to code his own additions to that basic framework. The guy who does the Brackeys videos is a really good instructor and the lessons are very to-the-point.

Jan 21 2018 Anchor

Uprising 2 Lead and Destroy

Nightshade Technical Artist
Jan 22 2018 Anchor

I can't credit any particular game for my career choice. I've played games since I was five, and toyed around with modding long before I even realized that you could actually WORK with this! (My very first modding experience was editing Doom maps when I was like 10 years old - with some help from my dad of course)


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Jan 28 2018 Anchor

I want to believe that's it's a combination of every game that I have ever played, and I tend to think that it's similar for other devs. I have this general passion for understanding games and for making the thing I wanna make. Taking in account the Butterfly Effect, it's possible that everyone is in a similar situation.

Mar 12 2018 Anchor

Warcraft II and Duke Nukem 3D level editors got me into game development. Recreating Tony Montana's mansion in the Duke Nukem editor is still one of my favorite game development memories.

May 14 2018 Anchor

For me it was Battle For Middle Earth and to a lesser extent Delta Force 2 where I was building MP maps lol

Jun 19 2018 Anchor

Every game that pissed me off. Lineage 1, 2 and WoW mostly. I said it for years, "I could do better" or "I would fix that" or "Stop making it so damn easy!". Time to prove it.

Jul 11 2018 Anchor

Initially, it was a cool hobby, ,then I decided to make a game for my son and that morphed into making a commercial project. LOL

Sep 2 2018 Anchor

I've only recently got into game dev. It was due to Lost soul aside's trailer, knowing that one person was able to make that, made me want to try as well.
I was inspired to start.
Though for now, I am starting out by publishing my chapters for the game plotline to test out perception and see if people will like it. In the meanwhile, I learn more how to use unreal engine.


Test out your game plot, by publishing it as a story first.
You can use for that, and you can even leverage your followers to download the game after you are done writing.
If you do, read my story, and I will read yours.

Nov 11 2018 Anchor

Ha, as an indie developer I feel a bit of a cook who tries to bring out a gourmet dish with 3-4 leftover ingredients that one has still in the fridge..

- "The Patrician", a very old but more so charming game with an awesome soundtrack and the aim to trade and become rich and powerful. I recently felt like playing it again and thought, why are getting professional games bigger and bigger but they don't feel as deep?

- my own career of being a professional Economist and, perhaps, would could I do to improve the trading aspect of a game such as The Patrician to be more real, for example, adding a stock market, news and real price movements.

- then there was Heroes of Might and Magic III with one of the best RPG skill systems.. That's real meat that gives you the calories to work hard!

and yea, one more thing, my very early career as e-Sport pioneer and the idea of balancing a game just right to provide optimal excitement to passionate player when battling against the AI while not getting too bored with repetitive tasks, such as, "Deliver 10 wolfskins to Joe the trader! And now, deliver 15 wolfskins to Joe the trader!" Can't leave out the spice for my dish in the indie kitchen!

Bon appetit!

ABJECT_SELF Rookie Coder/Mad Scientist
Nov 30 2018 Anchor

Hands down, Neverwinter Nights is what did it for me. Granted the first (godawful) mods I ever released were for Oblivion, but NWN was the first time I got so engaged in a project that I actually taught myself the fundamentals of coding just to see it come together. More than 15 years later and I still can't stop myself from opening the Aurora Toolset for a few hours.


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Nov 30 2018 Anchor

Multiple titles actually. In the first place Quake1 (mapping, QuakeC), then Half-Life1 and Deus-Ex1.


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Mar 17 2019 Anchor

Half life led me to be a 3D artist
but the boom of indie horror games around 2012 is what made me want to pursue game development!

Mar 25 2019 Anchor

Not one single title but I'm of enough years to remember Galaxian, Sinistar, Pleiades and all those other ancient ones. Seeing gaming consoles evolve from Atari to Sega to PlayStation and X box has always fascinated me. Never envisaged I would on one day be making games. Started off dicking around with 3d modelling then ended up trying out Unity, then 5 games later I'm questioning my decisions and my sanity :P

Apr 12 2019 Anchor

A bunch of rpg maker games on a magazine CD. The idea that I could make my own game seemed impossible before. This was in the early 2000s.

Nov 10 2019 Anchor

RPG Maker games for me as well! In particular RPG Maker fan games of Hetalia! I was always a fan of RPGs, and when I found out that there is an easy to use engine that allows one to make them, I was all onboard!

Nov 23 2019 Anchor

Diablo 1. I modded it by reverse engineering. Then I learned c.

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Dec 4 2019 Anchor

While I have played about 700 to 800 games since late 1981 and game design wasn't my first choice, which was animation and drawing. I got to say it was Super Mario 64 and Starfox 64 made me appreciate the 3d genre both first person and third person for the first time and to be immerse within the environment. The experience left a great impression on me in becoming a game developer, and wanting to create a world that value the game play to be challenging, fun, and engaging.

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