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May 31 2013 Anchor

Ok we obviously know this is a gaming site. Bu I'm pretty curious about who's on here for what. The poll will explain ;)

grouchbag I art grouchier than thou.
May 31 2013 Anchor

If so explain? Little bit of everything.That about covers it.:)


"sweet"  little old lady

Jun 1 2013 Anchor

For games and other people.

Jun 2 2013 Anchor

I'm here to find games to play on my youtube channel, plus build a few bridges with people. Always good having friends.

Jun 2 2013 Anchor

Teh latest articles and project tracking and shutting down newbie spammers with their AAA, MMO and best game ever ideas.

Jun 2 2013 This post has been deleted.
Jun 2 2013 Anchor

There was an opening for me



Jun 9 2013 Anchor

Just gaming for the most part I use Steam ALOT more though but Desura is fine and I hope it continues to grow honestly.

Jul 3 2013 Anchor

This site is by far the best solution for posting updates/screens/videos/news about the game I'm developing. I love the format and all the options they have, as well as constantly checking to see how my game ranks on the site, especially after a news post. I've been getting into the forums lately too, and would like to spend more time being active here and possibly becoming friends with other devs and gamers. There are definitely some talented devs posting on this site, and I hope to someday be putting out the quality of work that they are.

Friends, inspiration, games & I get to share my project with the public... I'm an indiedb'er for life.

Jul 3 2013 Anchor

Here to get better knowledge of the indie industry, seeing other peoples work, socialize and putting together a great team to build something great

Jul 3 2013 Anchor

games but i would like to make my own... im kind of a computer noob :confused:

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