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Jun 13 2014 Anchor


I got a weird white beam over my game-description-image:

I just used this code in the "Description"-part:

[center]<a href="" target="_blank" title="Return here"><img src="" alt="X-the forgotten battles" title="X-the forgotten battles" width="930" /></a>[/center]

It looks very ugly, maybe you can help me here? :)

EDIT: Hm, it seems like I can't change this white border anyway, an admin has to remove it.

Edited by: Westbeam

Jun 14 2014 Anchor

Sorry didn't notice your thread, to remove that white line that serves to separate the description text from the header border and the header itself, you just need to add to your image:

style="margin-top: -12px;"

this way you can remove those white separators at the top without any admin's help. ;-) You just put that code inside the topmost element of your html code.

Jun 14 2014 Anchor

Ah thank you, I didn't know I can fix it on my own. :S

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