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Mar 21 2018 Anchor

Someone on another forum gave me a tip about this site. Some ideas i have for a Warcraft II balance/improvement mod:
-12 units selection
-Queue units in production buildings
-Units have 10% more hit points
-Heal is an AoE spell (5 tiles like Runes) with a range of 7 and has an MP cost of 4 per HP
-^OR Paladins have an attack range of 2
-Unholy Armor offers 90% damage immunity instead (nerfs hasted+unholy'd DK combo a bit)
-Upgraded archers and trolls are a bit stronger
-Flame Shield has a range of 10 and does half damage to friendly units
-Summoned skeletons are a bit stronger and last longer
-Whirlwind costs 1000 gold and does 50% damage to friendly units
-Runes last 30% longer
-Demolition squads & sappers are a bit cheaper
-Improved pathfinding and AI build orders
-Daemons can be summoned by DKs and last as long as skeletons. Daemons can see invisible units.

Have any of these been done, and do the tools available allow it? I guess some of it is easier to do in Warcraft 3 or SC2 instead but they don't have the tile-based engine or 2D graphics. Thoughts on the ideas are also welcome, I'm thinking it should be usable in MP games.

Apr 17 2018 Anchor

Partially you -righ.
I planed work on W2 unofficial-patch mod (and C:Imeria game),
but on more new engine W2000 or Cossacks or ets (whily not select),
currently i am at end of this stage(already two-three year analysation of needed) for start made,
please get here more - link where you discuss W2 modding (here a im not found).

P.S. (W2 nobody need on W3 - its different game-style... and even visualisation - W2 sprite oldschool game, W3 not)

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