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Nov 4 2016 Anchor

I have a great idea for a game message me

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Nov 5 2016 Anchor

I don't understand the correlation of your post and thread's title. Are you going to make best game OR are you just looking for someone to make game for you?

Nov 5 2016 Anchor

with the right artists, we can do so much, and in gamemaker. I have an entire story and music to fit the game. I can send the outline to anyone who wants to be involved.

Nov 6 2016 Anchor

why don't you make your idea public?

are you afraid someone might steal it?


Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats.
-- Howard Aiken

Nov 10 2016 Anchor

just message me I would like to work on this and purchase gamemaker

Nov 18 2016 Anchor

Secrets rarely lead to victories in indie game development. My suggestion is that you start attracting people and customers with your idea and just be the best person in the world to bring it to the public. There is nothing more marketable than a great idea with a passionate person behind it. If you have a great idea and vocalize it people will want to jump on board. Good luck.

Aug 28 2017 Anchor


That is so true. I would like to make a game some day but, before I do that I wanna learn from others and how they are doing it in their games. Drummerofsummer, make your game public, you may think that your game is going to be the greatest in your eyes only, think about how it would look in other peoples eyes... it may not turn out to be as great as you imagined it to be. That is why I recommend taking Magicraft's advise to get more ideas from other's which in turn will expand your own creative direction to make not the best but an even better game than you imagined.

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