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May 26 2018 Anchor

Hello everyone! My name is Emmanuel, and I represent Scarp Studios. Right now, in order to build our community up, we are hosting an event! We are currently developing an RPG video game, and we are looking to get people involved! I'm sure that at least some of you have heard of Skyrim. Well, in Skyrim, you could find and read books. That is what we are doing. If you have an idea for a book, then why not write it? We are accepting all kinds of stories, as we are still setting up the lore, mythos, and general vibe of the story, so we believe this would help. The rules are: It can be about anything RPG like, it can be a diary, short story, novel, whatever! There is no min/max on word count. All should be submitted to our forum page.

Now, you might be wondering, "What do I get in return??" And to that we say, everyone who submits a story will be able to get Beta access, a special in game badge, in game goodies, and more! We are still working out the details, so keep checking back! Thank you guys, and remember, have fun with it! Your story could help set up lore!

May 26 2018 Anchor

When the expired date?

May 26 2018 Anchor

As of right now, there is no expiration date. We are just trying to get as much community interaction as we can!

May 27 2018 Anchor

Okay. I'll try to write something!

Nov 7 2018 Anchor

I have too many mind blowing ideas and stuff (😛), but i can't write here. I think you will understand


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