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May 29 2012 Anchor

Hey guys,
if you are looking for a fresh Voice boy do I have the one for you!
have you ever stopped to wonder where will I find that voice that I need to make this
project complete.Well,she may not be perfect but she gives it her best in everything she does.

Mic quality: Great!
Programs_ Adobe Auditions 1.5
Vocal range:Child,early teen,commercial

Recent Projects
Elliptical Diffusion ''Kelsima The Rouge''

Voice sample

Thank you so much for your time :) Have a nice day.

Jun 7 2012 Anchor

is this a free service or you want to get paid?

Jun 9 2012 Anchor

Hey, can you make a Voice Acting saying, PUYA 3d.. If you can do that make it sound how you like, and make a different .mp3 of it saying it like a game announcement and think of it as Metal Music opener for a Trailer. It need's to sound Epic and not Fantasy Epic although more, WTF Explosion Epic, Announcement Style. If you can do that, we can make it say that on the PUYA 3d. Web Site and Album, and Game.

Sound Effect.
Saying Announceing "PUYA 3d..".

If I like what you do, I am interested in talking to you about doing Voice Announement's and News Braodcasting also with Video.

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TheUnabridgedGamer It's been a long time...
Jun 10 2012 Anchor

Can you make your voice sound less... anime-high pitch?

Jun 10 2012 Anchor

Reqieumthefallen wrote: Can you make your voice sound less... anime-high pitch?

I like it like that don't you? It's great where can you find people to do this lol.

DragonNOR Voice Actor
Jun 18 2012 Anchor

I'm curious, is this your normal speech voice or did you pitch it naturally to fit the character?


My VA Showreel:

My VA Website:

Jul 11 2012 Anchor

I need a female voice for a medieval voice. You can make something looking adult and serious ?

Can you post me sample of :
;Threatening: "- Your money or your life ..."
;Normal" Hail Milord" Good day sir"
:Scared;" Please MERCY"

Aug 26 2012 Anchor

This is my normal voice yes :) sorry I took so long to reply I lost my pw and i finally remembered what it was and to answer all your questions.
For now this is a free service :) I am building up more experience so I can finally get my dream job in an mmorpg game :)
I do normally sound like a little girl yes I can do baby characters too and the innocent childish and hyper ones,Boys are included.
I do not mess with any of the recording its all raw material :) the only thing added is the bgm and that is all ^^ I made this other video with an audition to one of my favorite games Grand chase The character name is Lime and she is a 14 year old Holy knight
and this is my voice audition for her
if the video doesn't play please check out the link :

Thank you very much,I worked so hard on this character but in the end I failed to impress myself It felt like I did a really big mistake during the recordings,But overall I feel great about how much support people have been giving towards me,thank you all :)

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