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Jan 18 2013 Anchor

The folks at Guild Software want to bring their game, Vendetta Online, to the next level, but they need our help to do it. What's VO, you ask?

Vendetta Online is a space sandbox MMORPG that went into beta in 2002, and launched in 2004, making it a full year older that the more (in)famous EVE Online. It's twitch controlled, and it your skills as a person, rather than the 'skills' your character has, that determines your success. There are no classes, there are no skills, just licenses. You fly in a six-degrees-of-freedom, Newtonian environment; no up, no down, no walls, no ceilings.

You can take part in a multi-millenium long war, raid shipping lanes, bounty hunt, mine, craft, anything. One guy even plays as a space-faring dog...

The universe is fully persistent across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Windows phones. You can play it anywhere. Any time. On almost anything. And you log on to the same universe no matter how or where you play.

It's also a steal at just 10 bucks a month.

But what will our money help bring about? Vendetta 1.9

A port to IPads
Improved graphics, sound, and rendering
Expanded asteroid fields, with updated graphical assets, and increased mineral and ore types
Improved and expanded space stations, with capital ship stations added
More persistent, "names" NPCs offering specialized gameplay and mission trees
Expansion of the dynamic warfare system already in place, including military ranks, letters of marque, smuggling, and espionage
More tools for player created content

If any of this sounds at all interesting to you, head over to the Vendetta Online main site and the KickStarter page to learn more:


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