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Nov 24 2012 Anchor

Hey guys,

I am new here, and new to Valve Hammer editor so forgive me if my questions are unclear or I'm posting in a wrong section.

I'm doing my PhD in psychology, and trying to develop a virtual reality social interaction study using Valve Hammer editor. I've familiarized myself with the editor more or less, but I just can't figure out two following things.

1. How can I make the info_player pick up an object without displaying the object on the screen all the time? I'd like to do something like, pick up an object, let it stay on the screen until I press a button, then make the object disappear as if the player put it into his pocket.

2. Second question is, how can I make geometric-shaped objects that have prop_physics quality (so that they can be picked up, moved, etc.)?

I'd really appreciate your help. I've spent the entire Friday and Saturday on these issues, and still don't have any clue.

Have a nice weekend.


Nov 29 2012 Anchor

For the object disappearing after a while thing do this. (I'm assuming you're using a prop_physics)

  1. Go to the prop_physics' outputs tab.
  2. My Output Named: OnPlayerPickup
  3. Target Entities Named: (Enter the name for your object)
  4. Via this input: Kill
  5. After a delay in seconds of: (Pick how many seconds you want it to take for the engine to remove the prop.)

For your second question:

  1. Select the piece of geometry that you want to obey physics.
  2. Push CTRL+T to "tie" it to an entity.
  3. Then for "Class" select "func_physbox" in the drop down menu.

I hope I was able to help you, just reply if anything didn't seem to work!

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