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Sep 3 2012 Anchor


I'm a hobbyist composer, and I always wanted my music to appear in some video games. I'm also a hobbyist programmer but I never finished a game I could put my music into. So I'm offering you to use my music in your games for free (under CC license - just mention my name in credits).

My music is not professional but as I kept making it for years I think I've started to approach some good level of quality, though of course it's up for you to judge. You can listen it here, on my site:
But be warned that tracks are listed in reverse chronological order and you probably only want to listen to more recent ones. Tracks at the bottom are about 9 years old; I'm just keeping them as memories.

You can also download two of my releases from this undeniably great netlabel:


If you liked some track and you want to use it, be my guest, just credit me in your game and as option use a link to my site/albums if possible. I'll also be glad to adjust my music to fit your game better, but I can only adjust more recent tracks (I've lost sources for older ones).

I'll also be glad to work with you on a free or commercial project. I'm not here for the money - I just want to find some place for my music; though I'd accept a commercial offer if you're making something that needs a music like mine.

If you're interested in my work, feel free to contact me by PM, replies or email on my site.

And I'd also like to hear your feedback.

Thanks. I hope you'll like my tunes.

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Sep 7 2012 Anchor

I wonder if you are available for hire?
I have to say first, however, that you'll have to agree to working for free at this time, as I have no money I could spend on my games.
I am in the process of making my third game, so if you are interested, please PM me, as I urgently need a composer to write me music for my game.
I'll write you the details if you choose to write to me.

Hopefully, hearing from you soon.

Sep 12 2012 Anchor


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