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Jul 21 2017 Anchor



Thanks for your interest in The Devil's Game.

I really appreciate the time anyone has taken to play the demo that I shared only one week ago. And if you haven't had a chance to play yet, get the demo here LINK TO PAGE

The Devil's Game has gained alot more interest than I imagined it would and I am humbled by the great feedback from all the community so thank you again.

What led me to advertise this idea was that I was approached by a professional voice actor over the weekend who showed interest in lending his voice for this game. As this is still just a free project that I am sharing at the moment I could not give him a job. But it had me thinking, I would like to see if anyone amateur or professional would be interested in lending their voice to play the role of any character(s) in The Devil's Game. This is unpaid work but you would be credited on all future works and of course would be paid if this project were to go commercial. (But for the gamers; do not worry if I get no interest in voice actors/actresses I will still complete the game.)

So the roles that are available are:


  • Frank - Male, 27, 5'7". Frank is an LAPD detective. He has a serious but joking personality. He's somewhat optimistic and trusting.

  • Rick - Male, 40, 5'8". Rick is an LAPD detective. He has a middle aged man, dark, serious, somewhat pessimistic personality. He is secretive and untrusting.

  • Unnamed - Female, 22, 5'4". I haven't introduced this character yet but she plays an important role as the main female protagonist. She has a strong but vulnerable personality.



  • Longman – Male, 38yrs, 5’7”. He's a sophisticated intellectual who may look down on people but has some vulnerabilities. He has a manipulative and cunning slightly weasel personality.

  • Shodan – Female, 22yrs, 5’2”. She has a very strong omnipotent personality.

  • Soloman – Male, 68, 6’0”. A strong deep and leader like personality.


  • Yury Volkov – Male, 29, 6’0”. He has a strong and powerful evil snake like personality but also a lighthearted and friendly too. (Russian accented would be nice but not necessary.)

  • Maya Volkov – Female, 29, 5’6”. She has an authoritarian personality, evil snake like, but can be lighthearted and friendly too. (Russian accented would be nice but not necessary.)


  • Hector Castro – Male, 35, 5’8”. Strong leader, slightly joking personality, untrustworthy, ruthless (Hispanic accented would be nice but not necessary)

  • Emilio Garcia – Male, 28, 5’8”. Intelligent, strong, aloof (Hispanic accented would be nice but not necessary)

  • Franco Ramos – Male, 31, 5’8”. Intelligent, happy, trusting (Hispanic accented would be nice but not necessary)

  • Lucia Castro – Female, 56, 5’6”. Motherly, somewhat untrusting, kind. (Hispanic accented would be nice but not necessary)

  • Luna Castro – Female, 21, 5’2”. Young, happy, carefree, soulful, emotional (Hispanic accented would be nice but not necessary)

Thanks for your time. This is a first time for me reaching out into the community for voice actors / actresses so let me know if I need to offer anymore details.

-Storytold Comics

Reynder Composer | Sound Designer | Producer
Jul 21 2017 Anchor


Your game looks great and I would love to help out! If you could reach out to me via email or my website, we can discuss some details and see if I would be a fit for the project.

Thank you for your time.

-John-Martin Reynolds

Jul 21 2017 Anchor

I know you said it's unpaid but will this game go on the market? I have attached my resume and voice acting demo so you can hear my ranges. Thanks and have a wonderful day!


Character Demo


Tiffany Witcher

Jul 22 2017 Anchor

Thank you John Martin and Tiffany please check your pms.

Apsara1 Voice Actor
Sep 25 2017 Anchor

Hey there,

Feel free to email me if you still need help.

There are some samples on my site.



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