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Seigman Point of Existence Developer
Jan 20 2014 Anchor

Hello everyone! :)

I want to show you the upcoming game for the company I'm working for, Turbo Tape Games. It's called UHR-Warlords, and is a turn-based tactical boardgame. It's inspired by games such as HOMM3 and Chess and mixes a lot of the mechanics of these whilst trying to bring something new to the table.


The game will be available for iPad & Android tablets and is pretty close to completion. We've been working hard on it for about a year now and the release is just around the corner.

The story told is about 4 Warlords fighting for dominance in a place called Noordh.


Alongside of the two campaigns the game features a skirmish-mode (against AI) and both local and online multiplayer modes.

Now to the gameplay. The game is played on a board that holds 9x7 tiles. The outermost tiles on the horizontal are reserved for the Strongholds that each Warlord brings with him to battle. The aim of the game is to beat the enemy by reducing his Life force to 0.


I'm going to update this thread continuously with news and updates, but feel free to sign up for the newsletter on our website and like/follow us on Facebook/Twitter as well. Links are below:


UHR-Warlords is created in co-operation with Demonaz, a world renown black metal musician. He's been involved in the project from the start and have been a major factor in creating the story and background of the game. All music in the game is custom made by him as well!


That's it for now. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

May the Uhrgods be with you!


We posted a new blog post about the world of Uhr. A quick introduction into the different locations in the game. Check it our here.

Here's our announcement trailer for the game:

Blog post about the gameplay in UHR-Warlords:

Blog post about the art in UHR-Warlords:

UHR-Warlords has now been RELEASED for the iPad (Android coming soon)!! :D

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