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Sep 17 2018 Anchor

My previous thread about Twobit Odyssey, a Gear VR game I released on October 22nd, 2017 is sadly locked :(

But I've had a full playthrough of the game on the back burner for a looong while! But I've just started uploading it to Youtube! The first four levels are now available to watch! Please enjoy!

Twobit Odyssey is a unique and award winning VR puzzle-platform game. Only using your gaze, control a little robot in a strange world, helping him tackle problems and puzzles, and ultimately unravel the mysteries of this dark and enigmatic place. The VR Shop described Twobit Odyssey as "the best use of VR I have seen in a long time", The VR Grid as "One of my highlight VR experiences" and "one of the better-looking games for the headset". Finally Pocket Gamer praised the game as "a perfect entry experience in the world of VR!".

The full Gear VR game is still available on the Oculus Store at:

More information about Twobit Odyssey:

You can now also play Twobit, a free demo of Twobit Odyssey!

Here is the second and last part of the full playthrough for my Gear VR game Twobit Odyssey! Looking back at it, it took me a whole year to develop the game and, as a solo developer, I am still amazed that I pulled it off. Although I've been making games as a hobby for 30+ years, releasing a finished and official game was a very exciting adventure - and, most importantly, it showed me that I could do it! I've now been busy working on my next game and you can see some early images there if you're interested (

I am delighted to announce that my VR Game Twobit Odyssey now supports the Gear VR Controller! But most importantly, it is now fully compatible with the awesome Oculus Go! Feedback has been incredible so far and I would like to thank everyone who has played the game!

Twobit Odyssey is an unique VR puzzle-platform game I released last year. Only using your gaze or the VR controller, guide a little robot in a strange world, helping him solve problems and puzzles, and ultimately unravel the mysteries of his origin.

I feel that the VR Controller adds a LOT to the game. Although the original Gaze control is still available in the option menu, this new way of controlling Twobit is a lot more fun and intuitive. If you want to play the game (or try the free demo), please let me know if you find any issues or bugs, this was a major upgrade and I want to make sure I didn't miss anything...

Twobit Odyssey is available in the Oculus Store (and is currently 50% off for Halloween!):

And don't forget that a FREE demo called 'Twobit' is also available and features the first three levels from the game:

If you are interested to know more about the game, please visit the official website at:

Thank you for your help and support :)

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