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Nov 10 2017 Anchor

The Siege and the Sandfox Logo

A shining city lies besieged in the heart of a vast desert. As the moon rises over the royal palace, a notorious assassin watches the king die to a traitor’s hand. Discovered, falsely accused, and thrown into the labyrinthine dungeons, the assassin must escape to tell the tale, else the city will fall.

Master dynamic acrobatic abilities to traverse the cavernous depths of an ancient underground prison, evading detection and avoiding certain death at the hands of a sand-borne evil. Fight for your city – foil the enemy's attempt to strike at the heart of the kingdom.

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The Siege and the Sandfox is what we like to call a ‘Stealthvania'. By infusing stealth into the typical Metroidvania experience we're creating a unique twist on the ever-popular genre. Lovingly realised in an evocative 2D art style, with great attention to presentation, we are building a beautiful world for our players to enjoy… from the shadows.

Hi all. We've been in full development since January 2016 after receiving the first round of the UK Games Fund. In November 2016 we signed a partnership with Chucklefish.

The Siege and the Sandfox is being built in Unreal Engine 4 (using Paper2D), targeting PC and console platforms. Release date and specific platforms TBA.

We have a core team of 6, with a further 6-or-so outsource contractors. We'll be posting updates here, but you can jump over to our Chucklefish forum if you want to know more, or just post any questions and feedback here.

We've been doing dev streams of our Playtesting Build. You can catch up with them on our YouTube channel, or here:

Week 0:

Week 1:

We will be exhibiting the latest demo build at EGX Rezzed in London, UK. April 13-15. Come say hi and take a look at the latest demo build.

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