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Apr 13 2013 Anchor

Hi I am representing 2 person team. We are making The Mims Beginning Game :) We

The project is here :)

There is some gameplay desrcibe :)

In ‘The Mims Beginning' game we play as a ruler of the Mims colony. The Mims are sympathetic creatures travelling through the outer space in search of a friendly world to settle and colonize.
During the intergalactic journey their spaceship was destroyed by an asteroid and the crew was forced to evacuate on the nearby planets which were not always friendly.
Player's goal is to perform various tasks due to reconstruct the spaceship. We can make this task easier by the proper development of our planets.
The basic element which is necessary to the colony existence and development is energy. This energy is necessary to rebuild the Mims' vitality used while performing work and proper functioning of the infrastructure. It is produced in a generator for Biomass derived from special fruit processed in the Extractor. Part of the energy can also be obtained from the flow of winds thanks to correct placement of Wind Turbines.
The tasks performed by the Mims should include the expansion of the colony and picking up the Bio fruit.
Some of the Mims act as a protection against the dangers lurking from various creatures attracted to our planet by scent of fruit and animals.
As a ruler you can create the Defenders Mims and we also have Psi power to our disposal, some of which can be used for defense against these creatures. Mims knowledge allows them to create animals which diets are appropriate sets of fruit.
Grown animals can be sent to ‘Space Market' and exchanged for crystals necessary for further development of the colony.
In order to obtain fruit for the animals we need to plat various plants with different forms of fruiting. An example can be a plant with exploding fruit. An important element is a planting site.
A clever ruler is able to use a topography thereby avoiding excessive scattering of fruit all over the planet. In case of a bad organization we can lose some crops due to fruit rolling down the edge of the planet.
Equally important factor making loss is inevitable disintegration of fruit which were not picked up on time.
In the game we can develop both buildings, plants, acquire new Psi powers, as well as learn our Mims new skills.
As the ruler of the managed colony we can sit in the Psi Tower which repeatedly reinforces our supernatural abilities. As a result we have a range of abilities which can affect the environment of our planet.
Among other things, it becomes possible to influence the development of vegetation growing on the planet. In case of excessive accumulation of fruit we are able to reduce it with the adequate power. We also have the ability of destructive nature. One is the explosion of power that we can use defending against oncoming predators and keep them away from our subjects.
But these are just a few of the aspects of the thriving colony.
But there are many more, such as Biomass storage problems, starving animals, and preparing for upcoming events and disasters.
The plans are two game modes.
An adventure mode telling about rebuilding the damaged spacecraft and a free mode where a player develops a colony without a specific objective. In the adventure mode we struggle with the problems which another Mims survivors have to deal with. They will be forced to fight not only with the geological difficulties on encountered planets, but also the threats of cosmic nature. During their adventure they will come across the mysterious worlds, full of unusual and bizarre creatures and sinister plants standing in their way to find the remains necessary to rebuild the ship.
Some of our groups of survivors found their way in places so inhospitable that their very survival will be considered as a success.

Who we are ? :

We are a duo of dreamers with different perspective on the world. One day we decided to make a video game, and surprisingly, we did. Our friend joined this crazy idea and made a magical music.

Now we only need your votes to show everybody that dreams really come true and guys from nowhere can make something big.

We have made this game for 10 months and We still have a lot of work :) (about 20 % to the end )

Because ‘The Mims Beginning' is in a phase where there is still a
possibility of change, we are open to ideas of community interested in a

There is also our proejct on steam greenlight ;) :)

and our webpage :)

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Apr 26 2013 Anchor

Looks interesting, I am waiting for more information:)

Apr 27 2013 Anchor

really nice art style you have going on there.
Though to me this seems to need a more personal story , which isnt my area of expertise.(names for your charectors would help)
Id love to see this project when its done , cursory note when making external links please make them pop out.
Animations look nice the trees look awesome , animals and units look functional and nice... Id like to see zoned areas that will puff up underfoot releasing things like leaves , grass ,small bits of dirt , dribbly bits if gooey mud , snow puffs , even odd coloured spore droplets from the stranger critters you have.
While im on the topic of feet level detail... the buildings feet look odd.
Perhaps a minor texture blend under them may help merge them into the environment. or building pad objects that will add a small decorative grassy edge to bed them down into the island.
One last idea if you will would be to find a famed comedian to help bring the happy looking place to even funnier moments.. well that would be awesome.

Apr 28 2013 Anchor

Looks great, nice work guys! I am impressed with the amount of work you've been able to do in only 10 months!
Upvoted on Greenlight.

Apr 29 2013 Anchor

This looks awesome! I can see a lot of potential here. Get some more videos done; more professional, shorter. Make a couple gameplays, and some teasers.

Other than that I can only say keep doing what you're doing. You're on the right direction and you'll eventually see the problems, if you haven't already.
From the top of my head I can see, as was already mentioned, that you need to merge the environment with the buildings and creatures.

Other than that, great job and keep it up!

PD: That squatting penguins intro... really loved it! Reminded me of the great companies from 8+ years ago. A good thing to me :)

May 10 2013 Anchor

Thanks for interesting and good ideas :) ! It's good that you like it :) Soon , we share beta demo for press , and they will make a lot of previews on youtube , I share this links here ;)

Buildings feet are very problematic because we have uneven terrain. This type of terrains are rare in strategies , but we decide to do this and we had a lot of problem with this , but we passed this etap of code ;D

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May 11 2013 Anchor

Looks amazing. A few more screenshots of more diverse gameplay would be nice but overall this look pretty sweet.

Yuki.Kix Concept Artist
May 14 2013 Anchor

looks great! the only thing that bugs me is that the rocks look abit too rounded :p

best of luck!

May 28 2013 Anchor

Thanks for creative comments :) !! End of June we will send beta demo to press , and then will be more screens and videos a lot of more ! :) Thanks for votes and comments. if anyone have question we answer it :)

Hi everyone :)

Yesterday We Shared New Trailer of The Mims Begginning :)

Enjoy !

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