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Jun 30 2017 Anchor

Please don't kill my dream.. Is it possible to make a mod with all NFS maps together? I heard somewhere that yes, but it would need some work since it would probably be in different sizes (for example, a car would look normal in the NFS U2 map but giant in the MW map)

Jul 25 2017 Anchor

It's possible but it would probably be a bit of a pain in the butt to extract the maps and get them working properly, as far as I know there are many ways of extracting 3d models and even the complete 3d scenes from videogames. I think you should take a look at tools like ninjaripper, noesis and 3dripper. youtube has a lot of videos on that as well

Sep 25 2017 Anchor

If the OP is still intereted... Need for Speed World was a free-to-play game from 2010-2015, it's map is a combination of MW & Carbon worlds. You can download an offline copy of the game (not strictly legal). I'm unsure to what extent it's modifiable, but it's a jumping off point.

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