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Aug 11 2017 Anchor

Hi, I've got a few questions about texturing. The game I am planning on modding is Medal Of Honor AA, released in 2002 on the idTech3 engine. I have found the texture files in the game, and can easily open and edit them in paint and it all works as it should, however, these textures are very low resolution, due to the age. I tried to increase the resolution of a bullet texture from 64x32, to 128x64 (maintained aspect ratio) however this did not work. When modding textures, do I have to keep the resolution the same, or can I increase this to HD?

Aug 20 2017 Anchor

You can increase the size but you have to make a script or the engine or loading resource read the new size and it needs a whole new model possibly.

Aug 20 2017 Anchor

What sort of script?

Aug 20 2017 Anchor

I don't know since I don't even own the game but you have to look for the resolution size on a notepad or script. if your unable to find it you may need to find a program that could edit the models by checking its models.

Aug 23 2017 Anchor

I have found the .SKD files, and can edit them in 3d view- however I cannot find the scripts that match the models to the texture?

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