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Jan 6 2013 Anchor

Hey Guys I'll Keep It Simple I Need Some1 Who Can Tell My How To Make A Texture For My Games For UDK Using PhotoShop Ive Had Problems Making A Texture For A Sniper And Cant Seem To Find Any Tutorials.

I Need Help With Weapon Texturing

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Jan 6 2013 Anchor

You don't want a texture in UDK, you want a material! So check Tutorials about making materials in UDK. The different textures (diffuse, normal, specular) are needed for a proper material. Diffuse is all the colors, normal is all the detail and specular is the reflectivity. You have one material, but three textures.

In order to fully understand this process, you need to look into 3D modeling programs, such as Max or the free Blender. The topics you need to search for are:

unwrapping, UV-Space, baking textures, nomal map, specular map, UDK basic materials

There are uncounted tutorials on texturing for UDK. What you may need is a deeper understanding of the technology used in games.


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Cryrid 3D Artist
Jan 6 2013 Anchor

Which stage of the process do you need help with?

UVing the model so that it can work with texture images?
Painting the texture images in Photoshop?
Loading the images from photoshop to UDK?
or setting up the material in UDK?

Jan 6 2013 Anchor

ummm i need help with: UVing the model so that it can work with texture images
Painting the texture images in Photoshop
And Just to make sure setting up the material in UDK

And If You Know How Can I Make A Reflection Effect For The Weapons Like Reflection From The Sun?

Jan 8 2013 Anchor

You can work creating textures in photoshop starting from pics and reproducing them in digital painting and photomanipulation togheter.

Jan 15 2013 Anchor

Do you have fireworks at all? I've used it for 3d textures in the past and am still using it for level design currently. But, back to PS, for your sniper, what effect are you going for exactly?

Jan 18 2013 Anchor

Well im going for a shiny black color for a start just to learn more about making textures!

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