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Poll: Remake old RTS Star Craft clone from 2000? (7 votes)
Submarine titans - remake it today? (star craft 1 underwater) (Forums : Ideas & Concepts : Submarine titans - remake it today? (star craft 1 underwater)) Post Reply
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Apr 19 2018 Anchor

This is old but very cool RTS from 2001, copy of star craft, but underwater. I m a huge fan of it. It runs these days only in win xp/98.

How much would it be to remake it today from scratch, change gameplay? I m newbie programmer, never coded 2D rts games. I can't pull alone this project.

So maybe invite some experienced devs to make it?!

10 000$ per entire game? I dont know the cost of making such games..


What do you think?

Apr 19 2018 Anchor

It's not a clone at all, lol. Notable gimmicks like RTS physics (underwater floors) made it different. It was undergraded and underhyped by American editors back in the day and it got less exposure than it deserved. It's really a good, yet grossly underrated game. Its legal status is currently unknown, and if i remember correctly, Strategy First had rights to it (who knows really, maybe nobody has them or maybe there is no functional master release or source code to bring it up to par for modern operating systems and it's completely dead). It even has a wishlist listing on GOG:

$10 000 is nothing. We're talking about some 50 to 100 thousand bucks if you are asking for an indie team... around one million and more if you want an experienced, veteran team to take care of that remake.

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