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Mar 27 2020 Anchor

Greetings folks, I'm making this post to share with the modding community something i've been trying to do for like 10 years; why so long? well, back then my understanding of English and console commands was basic at best, yet it didn't stop me from trying it again and again over the years.

Now I no expert, but I'll try to explain it has best I can.

When playing Gears of War, we all know that killed locusts (pawns) are removed when they are out of the player field of view (not been seen) after 3 seconds. From what I have learnt, this is called garbage collection, the engine updates and removes packages so to keep a stable frame rate, if those packages remained, the engine would need to assign them some memory (ram) to keep them loaded at all times. This is a waste of resources, especially on consoles.

However, has a gamer (Pc mostly) I have always found annoying that the things you kill just vanish out of sight and out of mind, it takes away that satisfaction of seeing your handiwork, even if there is a practical reason for it.

the way i managed to keep the pawns around on Gears of War its a flawed one, but "it just works".

First create 2 text files, called them corpseon and corpseoff (or whatever you like), open one and add something like this :

set WarfareGame.Pawn_GeistLocust bNoDelete TRUE

Then a second one but I don't quite remember the command (I think it's inside warpawn.ini though, Even so I'm not sure since my pc it's dead and I can't check), its probably called IRQ, update or something. What I do remember it's that it has "3" at the end, a timer to put it bluntly(3 Seconds).So it possibly go like this :

set WarfareGame.Pawn_GeistLocust IRQ, update, real command, then whatever span of time you'll like, let's say 360 (seconds)

Add those 2 to any of the other pawns of your choice, GeistLocust_Grenadier, GeistLocust_Sniper, GeistTheron etc.

Open any level of the campaign with the console (otherwise it won't work) and exec your test file only when you're in combat (or the enemy has spawned)

Now, remember that I wrote that my method it's flawed?, well it's due to the following.

The command NoDelete stops certain packages from been updated, nothing gets in, nothing gets out, not even spawners (locust won't spawn, emergence holes will appear but nothing will come out of them) or that duplication process of the engine, the ones who were in the level before the command was used are bound to a timer (IRQ, update or whatever), so after the timer ends they'll be removed regardless if they are visible or not.

That's why Corpseoff it's needed with bNoDelete set to FALSE on all your pawns of choice.

Now don't think than executing your first tex file then quickly running the second after the enemy appears will keep the pawns around, oooohh, no, no, no!, a certain amount of time must pass (in my case like 3, 5 or 10 seconds regardless of the timer) or the game will unload them normally.

I suppose the NoDelete command plus the timer could also be used in the editor, however never got the chance to try it since my motherboard died (and buying a new one here in Venezuela it's next to impossible).

Well this is it, I apologize if I spelled wrong some words and phrases here and there (writing this from my phone). Now, if I manage to get my hands on a new motherboard, then Mass Effect 3 will feel my gaze again.

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