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Mar 13 2020 Anchor

Is there a reason Itch giveaways barely break 200 entries, while Steam gets up to 1000 entries per giveaway?

I'm planning to do an Itch giveaway but what's the point if everybody who enters wins a copy?

Mar 14 2020 Anchor

I don't know about Itch vs Steam results

However for your 2nd question, it depends on your purpose. If you are really generous, then what's stopping you from doing giveaway? :)

Mar 14 2020 Anchor

Well when you look at the giveaway history Itch entries are abysmal compared to Steam. I was just wondering if maybe there's something I'm missing. Like Itch having a bad wrap here. Granted, Itch is full of young developers who wouldn't even be allowed to publish on steam... That's probably the case eh?

True... I guess I'll just go for it and hope for the best.

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