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Oct 31 2018 Anchor

Hello, I'm having a very hard time trying to figure out why when I launch my BF2_Modtools it comes up with an error message saying "insert CD1" Now I tried to downlaod the no CD version and all it does is launch the regular game. I'm not sure what to do, can anyone help?

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Dec 7 2018 Anchor

First you need to download the editor for the game. Weighs a lot - 541 MB. The pump on this ссылке
2. Download and install the editor. Of course, the game needs to be installed.
3. In the installed editor, open the \data\_BUILD folder and run VisualMunge. choose a name from the three letters of your card (OMG), the name of the card (Oh my God), and the description of the card (
While we are considering only land conquest, so choose only the conquest. Click spoils (antivirus fine program" as dangerous potenical", ignore).

5. After the end of the Munge (get out plate), in folder with modom will emerge folder data_OMG (where OMG - name maps, and this depends on, what three hew you introduced in munge).

6. Open the assets folder in the shared folder. There are several folders. So far, we only need two sides and worlds.

a) let's say you want to make a hot card. Open assets\worlds\hot.

b) open the folder of your mod\data_OMG\Worlds\OMG and you will see one folder - world1. The HOT 4 folder contains world1, odf, msh, and effects.
Copy from the folder three folders-ODF folder OMG, MSH and effects.

C) open the HOT/world1 folder and copy the contents to the OMG / world1 folder.

Now there should be 4 folders in OMG folder-world1, msh, odf and effects.

= = = = =

The next step is the editor. Run ZEROeditor in the data_OMG folder. To control the flight in the Editor - press TAB.

1. Click LOAD and locate the data_OMG / world1 file OMG folder.Wld and download.
Before you empty the card. Click paths at the top of the editor. 4 circles of checkpoints appear. They cannot place objects unless the object is hollow-that is, a control point can be located in the temple.

2. The height button is responsible for the height.

The foreground and background parameters (1, see figure) are responsible for the height. You can set positive or negative values.

Spray height can be 4 ways-paint, spray, mix, raise (2, see Fig.)
The paint is sprayed at an angle, so use a spray and gently lift and blend.

Parameters square, cone, round, bell, spray brush ramp (3, see diagram)

The width and depth options adjust the brush size.

When you do the height - do not get to the checkpoint!

3. The next step is objects. Selected object.

A) Click the Browse button (1, see figure). And select objects from the data_OMG/Worlds/OMG/world1/odf folder. To place it on the map, click the place button (2, see figure). Place the object on the map. To select this object again, press the SELECT button (3, see figure).

b) the object can be moved along 3 axes-height, length and width. To adjust the height, use the LOCK parameter (4, see figure).
If you fix the height below 0 (the lock must be yellow) - objects will always be at this height.
If not fixed, the objects will automatically select the height depending on the height of the surface. But so can be obtain on the door frame, as hanging in the air facilities. All banal right hand-edit the height.

You can move objects by holding down Z, C, and the right or left mouse button (rotate).

Again, objects do not have to touch the checkpoint.

4. Textures.

Textures are already placed on the map. Because on the map we Kotowska, it is necessary to change the texture. Click the Browse button (see figure 1) and select a texture. Everything else is standard-brush, brush size and spray type. On the right (2, see figure) will be shown the textures that have been used or are in use.

= = = = =
The simplest manipulation is complete. Click the Save button.

Now we need to do something else. Open the\assets \ sides folder and copy at least 3 folders - this is shared (required), rep and cis (if you do clone Wars) or imp and all (if you do GCW). If you do both eras, copy 5 folders-Common, imp, rep, cis, all.
Copy these folders to data_OMG\Sides.

= = = = =
Open the folder data_OMG / _Build and run the program VisualMunge.
She's changed.
Where hand-change NOTHING at all and click Munge. Munge goes from half an hour and above. When the sign POPs up-all ready, run BF2-run the game and see.

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Dec 24 2018 Anchor

Thank you!

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