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Feb 4 2018 Anchor

Hi everyone, we are Back to the Abyss game studio, from Uruguay. Wanted to let you know that our game, "Spheres of Evil" (Beta) was released on 1/30, with 5 playable levels. The game it's a tough top-down action/RPG/arcade maze game. It's a game about demonology, you have to release demons trapped by angels everywhere, in a huge dungeon, in order to receive powers and level-up yor player, while also scaping all kind of traps and obstacles. Die over and over again in this game, while trying to find the exit zone to the next level.

We are still working on more levels, more traps, inventory system, objects/collectionables, secrets/secret areas, and several visual and sound effects. The game will be available on PC/Steam in March, and soon after that on Google Play and App Store.

Download "Spheres of Evil" (Beta) from the following link - or from IndieDB - - (Extract ZIP file contents into a folder in your Desktop).

Minimum Requirements:
Windows 8.1/10 - 64 Bit
Dual Core processor
Geforce GT 610 with at least 1GB Video RAM

Optimal Requirements:
Windows 8.1/10 - 64 Bit
Core2Duo processor, or superior
4 GB RAM or more
Geforce GT 610 or superior, with more than 2GB Video RAM

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