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Jan 13 2020 Anchor

Hello everybody, hope you are doing well.

I've been doing sound design and music for a while. Mostly as a hobby. I guess the most "famous" sound design and music was the one I've made for the "One Late Night" games (long time ago, nothing to brag about).

I mostly record and produce sound effects for the fun of it and the sound effects just ends up collecting dust on my harddrive afterwards so I thought I might as well give them away for free. The only thing I would gratefully ask for in return is for you to sign up to my newsletter (You will only get a newsletter when I upload a new free sound pack). Other than that, use them as you wish, commercial or non-commercial.

I've compiled 8 "Sound Packs" so far (it ain't much but it's honest work) that you can download for free from my website.

"Fistfight" - 18 files of swishes and hits for your next Steven Seagal movie (It will make him sound fast and powerful).

"Gore'n'Blood" - 22 files of gore, bones breaking etc. Use it to make something better than the last seasons of the "Walking Dead".

"Stab'N'Cut" - 18 files of stabs, cuts and singing blades that would make Michael Myers tear up of joy.

"Card Player" - 22 files for anyone who want to make their own "online poker" game because that's still a thing right? Right?

"Footsteps" - 22 files of... footsteps. Don't know what else to say here.

"Doors and Locks" - 17 files of doors opening, closing, locked doors, doors getting locked, unlocked etc.

"Submarine" - 6 files of submarine sounds like the propulsion, torpedo launch, hull creek, sonar and underwater explosion. I made this just to challenge myself. I obviously couldn't record a real submarine so this is mostly made in my sink. Yeah.

"Ice Cracking" - 18 files of ice cracking. If I would have made this before 1997 then maybe Joel Schumacher would have downloaded it for Mr. Freeze in the travesty "Batman & Robin". Now, who knows, maybe someone needs this.

All Sound Packs can be previewed on my website before you download.

Hope you get some use of the sound effects I made. If you have any questions on how I made them or any other questions, feel free to ask.

IG melonIG melon 2IG selleri

Regards, /Pontus

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