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Aug 22 2013 Anchor

This is my first game, Sol Magica. It's a first person dungeon crawler for pc (Windows and Linux) and I'm working on a playstation mobile version too.

A few more screens and info can be found on the site, alongside a playable demo. The site is only temporary, I'm going to change it to my own domain!
If you want to help you can write your impression and the bugs you found here or send me a pm or a mail at!
A few things I'm aware of (and going to fix them soon!) -The menus text is off depending on the resolution, I'm fixing this.-I haven't tested much the skills, so they may not work correctly.-I'll add a background for the story sections to make the text more readable.-The opening is going to change, now it's some text on a green background.-The battle log doesn't work with many skills, it doesn't give any message

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Aug 22 2013 Anchor

Without actually playing it to me it looks you got things right with this project. You got the story, character backstories, different settings, programming RPG features alone is an accomplishment. Graphics aren't great but just shows where you rather put the hours into.

You should post the game here in IndieDB. Just add it from Games -> Add Game, upload images, videos, descriptions and the download itself. The site has good traffic and you could get better attention around here than on a remote domain, free or commercial.

Aug 22 2013 Anchor

Thank you!
Yes, I'm going to post the game as soon as I move to the new site, so that the people who see it first won't get linked to a site that is going to disappear in a few days. Now I just wanted some opinions!

Aug 22 2013 Anchor

In terms of the art, I really think you should push the painterly style that your artist has. It seems like it's getting to a decent place but you could definitely make your RPG much more unique with a powerful visual style.

Good luck!

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Aug 23 2013 Anchor

Good luck! 8)


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Aug 24 2013 Anchor

The game is listed in Indie DB too!
Also, the official site is

Sep 29 2013 Anchor

I really like the painted forest backrounds... if you made the ground, enemies and sky like that, the visual style would draw people in.

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